Estate planning made easy

Personalized expert planning you won’t find with internet apps and websites.

Providing stress-free planning in Idaho, Texas, and Oklahoma, and compassionate probate services in North Idaho.

Services we provide

Personalized Estate Planning Solutions for You

Our estate planning service helps you secure your family’s future by creating a personalized plan that fits your needs and wishes.

Easing the Burden: Probate Made Simple in north idaho

Losing a loved one is tough, if you are in need of probate in North Idaho, we’re here to help you navigate that complex process with ease and support; or to avoid it all-together by preparing an estate plan now.

Estate Planning Made Easy: Wills & Trusts

Need to plan for the future? Let us help you decide if a Power of Attorney, Will, or Trust is right for you. then, our personal service and accessibility will see you through until the process is complete, making your planning easy and stress free.

Shield Your Assets with Expert Care

Protect your assets from taxation and other losses for generations, ensuring peace of mind and safeguarding what’s important to you.

Securing legacy & Empowering Family with Trusts

Many of us want to ensure our assets are passed to our loved ones without hassle, and protected after being distributed, if possible.
Our firm will help you select an appropriate estate plan that may include avoiding probate, eliminating taxes, and protecting your assets from, unexpected medical debts, beneficiaries who may need help managing their gift, divorce or unexpected death of a beneficiary.